Auto World Monopoly 1940 Ford Property Management Truck w/Resin Figure 1:18 Scale Diecast


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In the game of Monopoly, the winning objective is to own all the properties on the board and bankrupt your opponents. Moving around the board buying properties, you try to acquire all the properties of one color. You can then add houses and eventually hotels and with each step, the rent you collect goes up and up. Like a tycoon, soon you’ll be leveraging your position buying at auction or trading with opponents. Watch out for the Chance and Community Chest cards that charge you repairs — $100 dollars per house is not cheap!

This 1:18 scale die-cast 1940 Ford pickup from Auto World is decorated with Monopoly graphics and is just right for all the accouterments of a property manager. Also included is a resin figure of a very busy Mr. Monopoly.


  • 1:18 scale die-cast replica
  • Lt Green With Black Fenders and Monopoly graphics
  • Monopoly property management fresin figure included
  • Detailed Engine
  • Accurate Interior and Chassis
  • Opening Hood