Model Ship Kits

Maybe you're a collector or dream about getting on the water. Whatever your reason for exploring the world of ship model kits, Auto World Store is the right place to shop for new arrivals and best sellers. Our site is your source for an assortment of model ship kits like pirate ships, navy ships and historical designs.

Auto World Store offers you wooden model ship kits made to specific scales. Add to your model collection, complete an exciting project or find the perfect gift.

7 products

7 products

How to Pick the Right Ship

Narrow down our selections by considering your interests and experience level.

Picking a model ship kit will require you to figure out how much time you'd like to spend. The size of the ship you select and the number of deck levels will influence the time needed to finish the project. We recommend beginners choose a model ship kit with two decks or fewer. Intermediate and advanced builders might explore kits featuring cannons, sails and other details.

There are six skill-level rankings for ship model kits. Level one kits are suitable for beginners, while designs at level six require special tools.

Model Ship Kits Available Online

We give you an impressive selection of model ship kits online in unique categories.

Pirate Ship Model Kits for Sale

Our catalog is home to 1:130 scale pirate ship model kits with multiple sails. Purchase ships that measure over 1 foot in length and come with cannons, rigging blocks and crew members.

United States Navy Ship Model Kits

Our collection of navy ship model kits caters to history buffs. Whether you'd like to assemble a patrol boat from World War II or a complete U.S. Navy combat fleet with renowned vessels from American history, we offer you the ship model kits you need to stage a realistic sea battle.

Historical Ship Model Kits

Auto World Store helps you find ship model kits based on well-known vessels that sailed the seas centuries ago. Browse wooden and plastic model ship kits that represent American exploration, like the Niña, Pinta and Santa María. Some historical model kits come with molded flags and nameplates.

Tools Needed to Build Ship Model Kits

Whichever ship model kit you're building, the right tools are necessary for positive results. The higher the kit level you select, the more specialized tools you'll need for assembly.

The most important part of your project is having a controlled environment. Ensure your workspace is dedicated to completing model projects. Most enthusiasts will use a spare room or basement space to work on ship model kits over days or weeks without relocating tools and materials.

Make a toolbox of supplies you can use between projects. The most common tools you should have for building model ships include:

  • Ruler
  • Electric drill
  • Table and clamp
  • Glue
  • Magnifying glass
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • Hammer
  • Exacto knives
  • Needle files
  • Sandpaper

Storing your tools in a case is the best way to protect your gear and prevent items from getting lost. Look at how many pieces the kit you purchase from us contains to understand what you'll need. Many hobbyists build up their toolbox over time as they grow their skills.

Buy Model Ship Kits From Auto World Store

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