Slot Car Bodies 

While slot cars are typically replicas of actual automobiles, some have bodies purpose-designed for miniature racing. 

At Auto World Store, you'll find ready-to-run, or RTR, rolling chassis that fit specific slot car bodies in our collection. We also offer paintable slot car bodies molded in white plastic.

If you've ever wanted to paint your own slot car bodies or fit chassis and body to create a model that's uniquely yours, Auto World Store has the products for you. 

Paint Your Own Slot Car Bodies 

Unpainted slot car bodies from Auto World Store include:

Build Your Dream Car Today

Ready to customize a slot car body and make it your own? Unpainted slot car bodies from Auto World Store are only available through our online hobby shop and include three cars in each package, complete with clear windows. 

Learn more about our collection of slot car chassis and bodies before you buy by reaching out to an Auto World Store representative online today.

7 products

7 products