Monogram Model Kits 

Auto World Store carries many Monogram model kits in our collection for beginners and experts alike. 

Monogram has been making plastic scale models since the 1950s, mainly 1:24 cars, 1:48 aircraft and 1:32 armored vehicles. Initially, Monogram specialized in the model racecar market with items such as a 1:8 scale Ford Model T. 

The company was originally formed by Bob Reder and Jack Besser, two former employees of Comet Kits. Monogram merged with Revell in 1986 — today, both are owned by Hobbico. Besides MPC, AMT and Revell, Monogram is often referred to as one of the traditional "Big 4" in the plastic modeling industry. 

How Do I Paint a Monogram Part or Kit? 

You can paint your Monogram model kit in five steps. We recommend painting your Monogram model before assembling it to achieve a high-quality finish. [depending on the part, it might make more sense to paint first or assemble first]

Take the following steps to paint your Monogram scale model:

  • Apply a coat of primer to each section of the model's exterior. Allow this coat to air-dry.
  • Airbrush or brush an even, smooth coat of the chosen color onto each part of the exterior and let it air-dry.
  • Use a paint remover or thinner that's safe for use on plastics to touch up any finish flaws. 
  • If desired, apply a topcoat. 
  • Allow your model to air-dry for 24 hours before assembling. 

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