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Auto World Store carries many lines of enamel and lacquer paints, offering trend-forward colors and convenience for your plastic models. With our well-rounded palette of vibrant metallic colors, you'll be able to create authentic scale replicas of your favorite automobiles. 

We offer one-stop shopping for all your auto hobby-related products. Whether you're looking for model paint assortments or access to hundreds of slot cars, model kits, diecast vehicles or limited edition exclusives you can't find anywhere else, our team of car enthusiasts can help you find what you need.

Model Paint Assortments: Enamel Paints 

Enamel aerosol sprays and bottles are quick to dry, easy to apply and lead-free. You can use the following enamels on various surfaces:

  • Enamel model paint kits for cars and trucks contain rich, full-bodied contemporary colors specifically selected for today's vehicles. Many of these paint enamels are semi-transparent pearlescents. By altering the base coat, you can achieve subtle color tones and variations.
  • Finely ground pigments embedded in enamel sprays mean excellent coverage and flow. Each paint color matches its corresponding aerosol spray color. Allow 48 hours for enamels to completely cure. 

Model Paint Assortments: Lacquer Paints

Imitate premier paint finishes on real cars with lacquer paints from Auto World Store:

  • Specifically formulated for use on models.
  • Lacquer sprays dry fast and can be polished and sanded for immaculate finishes. 

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209 products