Racing Champions Diecast Cars

Whether you're a seasoned hobbyist who's been collecting for years or are just starting to build your prized assortment, you're sure to find the replicas you want at Auto World Store. 

We understand that collecting models — a soul-enriching activity with millions of followers — is more than a hobby. That's why we've chosen to include Racing Champions diecast cars in our online collection. 

Racing Champions diecast models are known for their exquisite detail and exciting models from the 1930s through the 1990s.

History of Racing Champions Corporation 

Racing Champions Corporation of Glen Ellyn, Illinois, achieved tremendous success in the early 1990s with licensed vintage stock and authentic contemporary cars.

    In 1999, Racing Champions purchased the Ertl Company and changed its name to Racing Champions Ertl. 

    In 2000, Racing Champions Ertl introduced high-detail models with features that brought its cars to a new level of accuracy not seen before in such a small scale. These included elements such as opening hoods and trunks and taillight and headlight lenses molded separately in transparent plastic.

    Add to Your Collection With Racing Champions Diecast Models 

    Our online hobby store at Auto World Store has a vast selection of diecast collectible models to add to your collection and remind you of your favorite childhood memories.

    In addition to Racing Champions 1:64 scale engines, we offer Auto World 1:64 scale wheels, Johnny Lightning 1:64 scale military vehicles, American Muscle 1:18 scale automobiles, and more. 

    Add to your prized assortment of diecast cars with Racing Champions replicas from our collection today.

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    16 products