Johnny Lightning Diecast Cars and Trucks

Auto World Store offers the ever-popular line of Johnny Lightning models. These diecast metal cars are ideal for hobbyists who enjoy displaying, collecting and admiring automobiles from times past.  

Johnny Lightning cars are known for their interactive features. For example, if you find a Johnny Lightning convertible model car, you'll be able to remove the top and display it as you wish. 

Movie-themed Johnny Lightning diecast cars also make popular collectibles for passing down to the next generation.

Fast Cars: The Pillar of Johnny Lightning's Success

Topper Toys initially produced Johnny Lightning models. Their claim to fame came from their speed — Johnny Lightning cars were incredibly fast compared to other diecast model brands.

The company molded in a small hook beneath the front axle to propel the cars via a lever-driven catapult. The technology achieved faster acceleration than could be obtained by gravity or even "supercharger" devices that required batteries. 

In 1970, Johnny Lightning added 32 fantasy vehicles and several different tracks to their collection. A portion of the new car line up was called "Jet Powered." These cars and trucks were powered by an inflatable bladder encased inside the casting. 

Movie-Themed Johnny Lightning Cars 

Besides standard automobiles, Johnny Lightning has released several limited edition cars based off of movies. 

Stylish Johnny Lightning cars are available from film franchises like James Bond and other classics such as:

  • "Ghostbusters."
  • "The Love Bug."
  • "Christine."

Shop Johnny Lightning Diecast Replicas From Auto World Store 

Auto World Store is continuously working to provide collectors with diecast cars and trucks from the best brands on the market. We offer everything from themed Johnny Lightning 1:64 scale vehicles and iconic American Muscle 1:18 scale automobiles to detailed Auto World 1:64 scale wheels and Racing Champions 1:64 engines

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