Polar Lights Haunted Manor: Escape from the Dungeon 1:12 Scale Model Kit

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The Escape From the Dungeon glue-together model kit is the first release in the haunted Manor series of kits from Polar Lights that re-introduces fun, spooky models from years past. The kit features fine details on every part. It uses rubber band action to pring two moving figures. In Escape From the Dungeon, is the executioner offering a near miss or a favor that will free our diminuitive friend? In either case, another long-dead ghoul has something to say about it! The model base is 8 3/4" wide and 7" long. The plastic model even glows in the dark (if left unpainted).


1/12 scale, SKILL 2, paint and cement required
43 Parts
Molded in Glow-In-the-Dark plastic
1st of 4 kits in the Haunted Manor Series
Detailed spooky diorama
Rubber band action brings the model to life
Vintage tooling brings this kit back after 40 years by popular demand