Testors Plastic Cement

Testors Plastic Cement

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Testors CEMENT FOR PLASTIC MODELS from Auto World Store is an excellent choice when you need a heavy-duty plastic model glue. This quick-drying plastic cement is specifically formulated for joining all polystyrene plastics. 

Testors Cement for Plastic Models 

This high-quality plastic cement:

  • Is best used for gluing plastic to plastic, such as ABS plastic and polystyrene.
  • Can be used for plastic model kit construction.
  • May also repair many standard household products made of polystyrene or ABS plastics.

How to Use Plastic Cement 

To use plastic cement on your model:

  • Apply sparingly to one surface and use only enough plastic cement to do the job.
  • Hold parts together for 20 seconds.
  • Allow two hours of dry time.
  • Twist and press tip to the end of the cement tube to seal it.

Create Authentic Model Masterpieces With Testors Plastic Cement

Testors is well known for the consistency of its paints and excellent color matching. Order CEMENT FOR PLASTIC MODELS from Auto World Store online today to take advantage of this quality adhesive product.