AMT 1955 Chevy Cameo Pickup (Coca-Cola) 1:25 Scale Model Kit

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The latest release in AMT’s series of Coca-Cola models is value-packed and features some special bonuses. First, and for the first time ever, additional optional custom wheels have been added to the Cameo, wrapped in wide, pre-lettered tires to create a mild, but unique, attractive custom version. For the big bonus, the included die cast parts allow the builder to assemble a period Coca-Cola vending machine and transport dolly to display with the finished model! Beautiful illustrated packaging will be popular with Coke memorabilia collectors and modelers alike!

• build stock or mild custom
• produced from modern tooling
• super detail and authenticity throughout
• optional mag wheels
• two sets of tires - stock and custom
• special bonus: die cast Coke vending machine and transport dolly kits included!
• retro-styled illustrated Coca-Cola Series packaging