American Muscle 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 2-Door Coupe (Dr Oldsmobile's W-Machine) (MCACN) 1:18 Scale Diecast

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It’s impossible to overlook Ron Novitski’s 1969 Olds® 442™ W-30 with huge “DR. OLDSMOBILE’S W-MACHINE” lettering down the sides. It was on display for the “Class of 1969 Invitational” display at the 2019 MCACN. Originally, this late-production car was sold new by the Chesrown dealership in Ohio. The current owner purchased it off original buyer with just 22,000 original miles! It was involved in drag racing early in its life until it catastrophically threw a rod rendering the car undrivable. For 30 years, it sat untouched in storage until Ron Novitski bought it. Giving it a second chance on life, Ron enlisted the help of Miller Auto Care Stock Restoration and Restomods to return the car to better- than-new condition. The hard work and meticulous attention to detail earned this show car Gold Status at MCACN! It was set up right next to the Auto World booth, so the entire Auto World crew got to admire this car for the whole show!

• Detailed Engine
• Steerable Front Wheels
• Accurate Interior and Chassis
• Opening Doors and Hood