AFX Controller

AFX Controller

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Now the critical connection between you and your AFX racer is faster, more responsive and more comfortable. Yes it looks a lot like the original AFX Russkit controller, but look again! The handle housing is completely new with a larger top section and re-designed vents that increase flow through to keep the handle cooler. And we’ve recessed the handle seam to make the grip areas smoother to the touch.

But the biggest news may just be the trigger. All the sharp edges are gone to make a smooth, easy to pull shape. And the geometry has been changed so that larger fingers fit comfortably. Add to that a 20% reduction in spring tension and re-shaped wiper arm and using this new controller becomes silky smooth and precise.

And that’s not all! The insides got a re-design also to improve durability and comfort. There’s even a 6’ long cord to let you move around while you’re racing! Bottom line: a more comfortable, precise and durable controller that lets you play longer and enjoy racing AFX even more.

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