Slot Car Race Track Sets, Slot Cars and Slot Car Parts 

Slot cars are more than merely mock-ups of genuine race cars. Some are built from scratch by slot racing enthusiasts, while others are put on display alongside slot car race tracks.

Auto World Store is proud to offer an ever-popular assortment of AFX slot cars and pit kits, as well as Thunder Jet Ultra-G Slot Cars, race track sets, electric slot cars, and slot car parts and accessories. Whether you want a small slot car track or a race car track set complete with tracks, flagpoles, speed controllers and guard rails, we have it all! 

Auto World Slot Cars, Parts, Accessories & Slot Car Drag Strips

You can count on Auto World Store to have the slot car parts you need for your vehicles. We carry a full selection of slot car systems and race sets in addition to HO scale slot cars, bodies and chassis. View some of our most popular parts and accessories below:

  • 4Gear Chassis Frames
  • 4Gear Gear Plates
  • 4Gear Secondary Idler Gears and Cluster Gears
  • 4Gear Cluster Gear Shafts
  • 4Gear Armatures
  • 4Gear Retainer Clips
  • 4Gear Commutator Springs and Brushes 
  • 4Gear Magnets

Slot Car Drag Racing 

With dragster model kits, dragster return loops, dragster slick tires, drag trucks, drag slot cars and slot car dragstrip race sets, Auto World Store has it all when it comes to your favorite drag racing accessories and models

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385 products

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Auto World 4Gear Pit Kit