AFX Mega G+ Formula N Blk/Red/White HO Scale Slot Car

AFX Mega G+ Formula N Blk/Red/White HO Scale Slot Car

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No matter what type of racing you’re into, you just can’t argue one simple fact: Formula cars are true works of art.

Unprecedented downforce meets monumental grippage in today’s Formula cars, with the second most advanced technology after fighter war planes. The unmatched braking system allows acceleration from 0-100mph back down to 0mph within a mere 4 seconds. The wings are engineered to literally manipulate air. They create such intense downforce that, at upwards of 150MPH, an F1 car can be driven upside down on the ceiling of a tunnel.

With those mind-blowing engineering facts, we refused to take a single shortcut in designing our formula cars. The rear wing attachment and structure is the single most complex car body feature we have ever done.

Now, for the first time in almost 10 years, we are proud to bring you the brand new Formula N.


CHASSIS: Mega G+ LONG Wheelbase Chassis (1.7″)