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Whether you're looking for a new hobby or hunting for your next model project, Auto World Store's vast collection of model kits should be the first stop during your search. We have a fantastic selection of muscle cars, tractor-trailers, funny cars and figurines for both newbies and long-time hobbyists. 

Explore our expansive selection of model kits for sale and find the perfect kit to fill your free time with! 

444 products

444 products

Types and Brands of Model Kits

Building a model car is more than just gluing a few pieces of plastic together. It's about reconnecting with your childhood, sharing your passions with loved ones and creating something you can proudly display in your home. 

At Auto World, we love model kits and want to share our passion for this popular pastime with the rest of the world — and with you. We work hard to continue adding to our inventory, filling it with something for everyone, no matter your interest. We sell everything from vintage Chevy Impalas and Ford Pickups to the USS Wisconsin Battleship and the historic Saturn V Rocket

Have a favorite movie you'd love to bring to life? We regularly draw inspiration from pop culture and work with top licensors to bring vehicles from the big screen into the world of model kits. We offer kits for various TV shows and movies, including “James Bond,” “2001: A Space Odyssey,” “Back to the Future,” “Star Trek” and even "Batman." Plus, you can try your hand at constructing characters like Godzilla, Wolfman, Blackbeard and the Phantom of the Opera. 

Auto World is dedicated to bringing you the highest-quality model kits possible. We uphold this high standard by maintaining an inventory chock-full of the finest model kit manufacturers, including Lindberg and AMT. These manufacturers specialize in various model kits, from aircraft and watercraft to classic automobiles and modern cars. We also carry other manufacturers, such as: 

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Relive your favorite childhood memories and devote your free time to a model kit project from Auto World. We make sure to have something for everyone, whether you're interested in cars, planes, motorcycles, trucks or even horror movies. Plus, many of the kits in our collection make awesome gifts, allowing you to share your passion with those you love! 

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