AMT Model Kits 

AMT, one of the most innovative brands in model history, is known for developing three-in-one customizing model kits, one-piece bodies, promo models and more. Aluminum Model Toys, or AMT, sets the standard for high-quality model car kits that spark excitement and allow hobbyists to relive the golden age of modeling.

Auto World Store offers a vast selection of AMT model trucks and cars — all packaged the way you remember. 

All About AMT Models 

AMT manufactures a multitude of pre-assembled plastic promotional models. Why? The company was founded by attorney West Gallogly in Michigan in 1948, and he knew new cars in the early postwar period were hard to come by and did not remain in stock for long. 

AMT products mainly encompass American trucks and cars in 1:25 scale. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, AMT was known for producing some of the most memorable plastic model kits of all time. 

Purchase AMT Classic Automotive Models and Kits Today 

With classic AMT model car and truck kits capturing favorites like the 1957 Ford Thunderbird and novelties like the American LaFrance Ladder Chief Fire Truck, Auto World Store is sure to have the AMT models you want in our collection. 

Shop AMT model car kits to collect authentic replicas of your favorite cars and trucks today.

150 products

150 products