Testors Super Glue .5oz

Testors Super Glue .5oz


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TESTORS SUPER GLUE FOR PLASTIC MODELS is a strong, fast-curing adhesive. This glue for plastic models will help you create stable, durable projects. 

Testors Super Glue Is Ideal for Plastic Models

Testors .5-ounce super glue from Auto World Store:

  • Is perfect for wood, plastic and metal items.
  • Will not interfere with finishing steps like paint.
  • Cures in seconds.
  • Is made in the USA.
  • Conforms to ASTM D-4236.

Testors: A Leading Brand in the Hobby Industry

Testors has been the top trusted brand name in the plastic model kit building industry since 1929. 

Choose Testors Super Glue for Your Plastic Model

When it comes to putting together a plastic model, having the right glue can make the process easier and more enjoyable. TESTORS SUPER GLUE FOR PLASTIC MODELS will cure quickly and ensure your project holds together for the long term. 

Order Testors super glue from Auto World Store today.