Johnny Lightning Classic Gold 2021 Release 2 Set A (6-Car Set) 1:64 Diecast


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Johnny Lightning® is now back in the hands of the Playing Mantis team of developers and designers that resurrected the Topper Toys brand back in 1994! We are excited to re-introduce these iconic die cast vehicles!

Classic Gold will showcase popular vehicles from all over the world! From classic imports to heavy American iron, we’ll cover the gamut of your favorite rides.

  • 2021 Release 2
  • 6 Car Set
  • Factory Sealed Case
  • Possibility of receiving a White Lightning
  • Very Limited Quantities
Set A Includes:
  • 1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk (Woodsmoke Gray Poly)
  • 1984 Pontiac Trans Am (Silver Sand Gray Poly)
  • 1996 Pontiac Trans Am (Medium Cloisonne Blue Poly)
  • Jeep CJ-5 (Dark Brown Poly (Golden Eagle Graphics))
  • 1999 Mazda Miata (Black Onyx)
  • 1976 Dodge Aspen (Cinnamon Poly)