Auto World Xtraction R36 Blues Brothers - Chicago Police 1974 Dodge Monaco HO Scale Slot Car

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Auto World Xtraction Silver Screen Machines!

Silver Screen Machines pays tribute to the most iconic pop culture vehicles to ever zoom across the silver screen. For decades, you've cheered your favorite actors as they drive these timeless car-star into the hearts and minds of audiences worldwide.

The X-Traction chassis is a modified version of the classic pancake design used in Auto World's ThunderJet Chassis. Increased weight and larger rear wheels provide better performance and superior handling. Underneath, and Ultra-G neodymium traction magnet adds even more track-gripping handling through the tightest curves for maximum racing excitement!


  • 1:64 Scale/ HO Scale
  • Includes 1 Ultra G Neodymium Traction Magnet
  • Authentic Legend of the Quarter Mile Graphics
  • Slot Cars are 100% Compatible with Tomy and AFX Sets