Polar Lights Galileo Shuttle Interior Parts Pack 1:32 Scale Model Kit

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  • GET INSIDE: This release includes all-new parts for the Galileo Shuttle interior. It includes everything from the command console to the utility room along with seven crew figures featuring the main cast of characters.

  • ALL THE FEATURES: This model kit is based on the filming miniatures and set pieces used during the production of the Star Trek: The Original series TV show.

  • BUILT FOR ADVENTURE: This interior parts pack is engineered to fit into POL909/12 Galileo Shuttle. The interior must be assembled and installed before the exterior of the shuttle is completed.
  • QUICK SPECS: 1/32 Scale. 104 Parts. Molded in gray with clear parts water-slide decals and assembly instructions. Skill level 2 – Suggested for modelers age 14+ PAINT AND GLUE REQUIRED.
  • THE PERFECT PRESENT: Don't know what to get dad for his birthday? Or maybe you have an avid hobbyist or collector in your life. This model kit makes an ideal gift for any occasion!