MPC Space: 1999 Eagle II Display Model 1:48 Scale Assembled Model


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In the mid 1970’s, SPACE:1999 exploded onto TV screens around the world. It was the most expensive show ever made at the time, with the most realistic visual effects ever seen on the small screen. The star vehicle of the ground breaking work was the Eagle, the venerable workhorse of Moon Base Alpha. Designed by VFX supervisor Brian Johnson and represented by miniatures of varying sizes for filming, the iconic ship is as popular today as it was back then. This display model features details that are specific to the Eagle II filming miniature featured in the Gerry Anderson television show. Landing gear feature “soft-landing” spring articulation and removeable central pod Compatible with the aluminum engine bells included in the Eagle Transporter Deluxe Accessory Set (available separately).


  • Softer landing gear springs
  • 22" Long
  • Scale 1:48
  • New season 2 pilot figures
  • New engine bottles & piping
  • New shoulder ponds
  • Pre-assembled and fully decorated
  • Authentically detailed
  • Based on the 44" filming miniature
  • Limited edition of 750 pieces