Auto World 13' Hot Wheels "Snake" vs "Mongoose" Manual Slot Drag Set HO Scale

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Now you can recapture some of that blazing excitement as we pay tribute with our newest Legends of the Quarter Mile drag set. Introducing Auto World’s Hot Wheels Snake versus Mongoose Drag Buses HO scale slot car drag strip race set… 13 feet of realistic drag racing action (Expandable to create an even longer drag set)

Track Contents:

  • 4Gear Tom McEwen "Mongoose" 1965 Custom VW Drag Bus Slot Car
  • 4Gear Don Prudhomme "Snake" 1965 Custom VW Drag Bus Slot Car
  • 13 Feet of Track (Orange Track)
  • Starting Line Banner
  • Mechanical Finish Line (Automatic Pop-Up Winner's Flag)
  • 24 Guard Rails
  • Power Pack
  • 2 Variable Speed Controllers