American Muscle 1970 Buick Grand Sport Hardtop (MCACN) 1:18 Scale Diecast

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One of Melanie Mauser’s first Buicks was the 1970 Buick GS 455 which was her pride and joy. After a tragic car fire, many Buicks followed, but her heart was set on finding another GS. About six years ago, she found “Sweet Pea”, a numbers matching car, for sale by the original owner. It was ordered from a Buick catalog in Paris, then delivered to the East Coast. It had been driven for a number of years before being stored. She looked tired, but Melanie felt that with the proper restoration, “Sweet Pea” would shine again. Accuracy is critical for a proper restoration. Years of knowledge and the additional support of her local Buick clubs, of which she has been a member for 40 years, was invaluable. This Buick has won both the Senior Gold from the Buick Club of America, as well as Concours Gold from the MCACN.

• Detailed Engine
• Accurate Interior and Chassis
• Opening Doors & Hood
• Steerable Front Wheels