American Muscle 1969.5 Plymouth Road Runner Coupe (Class of 1969) Limited Edition 1:18 Scale Diecast

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Mid-year in 1969, Chrysler Corp. introduced the A12-code 440 cu. in. 6bbl V8 engine option for Plymouth Road Runner with fiberglass lift-off hood. Basically, it was a monstrous factory-made drag racer nearly as fast as a stock 426 HEMI®. The A12 option restricted the luxury options to the bare minimum; no fancy exterior trim, standard black steel wheels, no power windows, no A/C, etc. Its weight was trimmed to be as light as possible before beefing up the suspension, transmission, and of course, the
engine. A trio of dual-barrel carbs gave the 440 engine more airflow than the legendary HEMI®.

Auto World has replicated this A12-code Plymouth Road Runner postcoupe in factory-matched Y2 Sunfire Yellow. Under the lift-off hood is the highly-detailed 440 cu. in. motor painted in proper HEMI® orange. This car features the V02 option special limited
edition with a sunfire top.

• Detailed Engine
• Steerable Front Wheels
• Accurate Interior and Chassis
• Opening Doors, Hood and Trunk