American Muscle 1968 AMC AMX Hardtop (MCACN) 1:18 Scale Diecast

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John Becker loves this car. So much so, this is the second Laurel Green 1968 AMC AMX he has owned. He had one almost exactly like it in college, but it got pretty rusty and beat up from daily wear and tear. In 1985, John bought another one as a race and project car. He ran it in a 4-car shootout featured in Muscle Car Review in 1986 at the old Green Valley dragstrip in Dallas, Texas.
This AMX beat the other three competitors!

After being in non-running condition from 1990-2018, it’s now fully restored with only around 17,000 original miles! Some of the options include the AMX Go-Package with black stripes, a 390ci (315 hp) 4-speed with the Group 19 3.91:1 rear end gears, and a dealer-installed Rally Pac. In 2019, John raced it again at the Pure Stock Muscle Car Drags.

Auto World is proud to replicate John’s 1968 AMC AMX just as it looked when it was on display the the 2018 MCACN! It’s one beautiful car!

• Detailed Engine
• Steerable Front Wheels
• Accurate Interior, Trunk and Chassis
• Opening Doors, Trunk and Hood