Auto World Slot Race Controller Set (2)

Auto World Slot Race Controller Set (2)

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Slot Car Controllers 

Drivers use slot car controllers to operate a car as it races around the track.

Controllers come in many variations for different classes of cars and racing. Slot car controllers from Auto World Store arrive in a pair — colors may vary — and are compatible with Auto World and AFX models.

Electronic Controllers: Features and Capabilities

Slot car controllers typically operate in the 10- to 18-volt range. Other controller features include the following:

  • Many systems offer variable levels of sensitivity. Slot car drivers can typically dial in their controller to match a particular class of car. 
  • Some slot car controllers include chokes to limit power on high-class vehicles.
  • Modern slot car controllers are trigger-operated, meaning the harder you pull the trigger, the faster the vehicle will go.
  • Letting off the controller will apply brakes to your slot car. 

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