Polar Lights Star Trek Discovery U.S.S. Enterprise Light Kit

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Take the 1:1000 scale U.S.S. Enterprise from STAR TREK: DISCOVERY to the next level of realism that plain plastic can’t deliver!

Bussard collector motors turn the engine fans. All wiring, plug-and-play circuit boards, and 37 LED lights comprise the battery-powered light kit. It features solder-free assembly. Included colored clear plastic parts finish the set to supply vibrant colored lights that alleviate the need for paint.


1/1000 scale
Skill level 2, Ages 14+
To be used with POL973M
37 LED lights comprise the battery-powered light kit
Motors turn bussard fans
All wiring included. No solder required! Plug-and-play circuit board hidden inside model.
Colored clear plastic parts
Bring your model to life with authentic lighting