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Slot car racing invites individuals to experience the thrill of putting wheels to the track and burning rubber, just like their favorite cars on TV. Whether you're jumping into a new world or reinvigorating your passion, Auto World Store is the perfect spot to get your hands on the cars and parts you need to grow your collection. 

22 products

22 products

What Are Slot Cars?

Slot cars rose to fame during the 1960s, allowing racing enthusiasts to compete head-to-head with their favorite cars, either as a hobby or in organized competitions. These miniature-scale automobiles are designed for special tracks made from wood or plastic and fitted with grooves to keep the cars on course. The cars are built with a small pin that fits into their given notch and have magnets to reduce "de-slotting."

These slot cars consist of snap-together plastic and rely on small electric motors and an electrified track for power. Racers use a handheld controller fitted with a plunger to control the speed of their plastic car. These models only travel in one direction but require significant skill and instinct to keep them on the track, slowing down around corners and speeding up on the straightaways. 

Slot Car Brands

Over the years, countless slot car brands have popped up and provided enthusiasts with various car styles. Most significantly, these cars vary in size, available in 1/24, 1/32, 1/43 and 1/64 miniature scales. While many enthusiasts choose ready-to-race models, others enjoy purchasing kits and putting them together. 

At Auto World Store, we have many slot cars available to help you find your dream model. Some of our most popular brands include: 


After more than five decades, AFX remains a top slot car brand dedicated to producing some of the world's fastest premium racing models. AFX made their name with their Mega G+ chassis, yet continues pushing the boundaries of performance handling, quality and beauty. Enjoy the thrill of an impressive checkered flag win when you have an AFX slot car in your lane. 


Spruce up your slot car collection with one of our 4Gear models. We've designed these racers to have an extended wheelbase and narrow rear end fitted with beefy dragster wheels. With their neodymium traction magnets, you'll increase your grip and leave your competition in the dust. 

Super III

Our Super III HO slot cars look great and perform even better. These are some of our speediest, most impressive models, sporting an in-line motor and advanced chassis technology. With these upgrades, these slot cars are raring to go when the green flag drops. They provide exceptional handling, serious power and unrivaled turning capabilities.


Whether you want to expand your collection or share your passion with a loved one, the Thunderjet is a great slot car on the starting line. Our Ultra-G chassis is our take on the classic pancake motor, attaching a neodymium magnet for increased traction control on many Tomy and AFX tracks. We've worked hard to maintain the values of retro slot car racing while adding modern elements that take performance to the next level. 


If you're looking for an on-track performer, our XTraction slot car brand is the one for you. With improved configuration of the traditional pancake chassis design, we've improved handling and enhanced performance thanks to larger wheels and more weight. Plus, this brand's strong magnets supply more grip for high-speed cornering, giving you the edge you're looking for on the course. 

Slot Car Parts and Accessories

Racing slot cars is only half the fun without getting under the hood and making them your own. At Auto World, we're proud to stock tons of slot car parts and accessories to help you bring your dream cars to life. 

We have countless ready-to-run, rolling chassis models that perfectly fit many of our HO scale slot car bodies. Or, paint and assemble your car from the ground up with our unpainted bodies and Deluxe Pit Kits, complete with everything you need to get racing in no time. 

The track you're racing on is almost as important as the car. To help you out, we have plenty of track components for you to mix and match to build new and exciting courses to test your skills! 

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No matter what you're looking to add to your collection, Auto World can help you get your hands on it. Explore our inventory of available slot cars to find options for immediate purchase and pre-order

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