Auto World Rat Fink 1966 VW Beetle w/Tear Drop Trailer w/Rat Fink Figure 1:24 Scale Diecast

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Gather ‘round the Campfire for a Rat’s Tail.

Once there was a rat. A big, green, rude, stinky rat. Named… Rat Fink.

He was always thinking of new ways to get around all the boring rules of a civilized society. So, one weekend he decided to escape normal, hum-drum life and go camping! He loaded up his trusty kustom 1966 VW Beetle and Tear Drop camper with plenty of rank, moldy, cheese, a big can of beans and a couple of gallons of luke warm Finky fruit punch. Looking for adventure, he headed out into the wild, great beyond!

Now you can ride along with Rat Fink and free yourself from reality! But remember, roll down the windows and bring plenty of bug spray and air freshener… You’re gonna need it!

A BONUS Rat Fink figure is included.


  • 1:24 scale die-cast replica
  • Bonus Rat Fink figure included
  • Two-tone Turquois and Ivory with wood grain side panels
  • Opening Doors and Opening Rear Engine Hood
  • Rolling Wheels