Auto World 1951 GMC Delivery Truck Miller High Life w/Resin Miller Girl Figure 1:25 Scale Diecast

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The 1950s was a golden age for General Motors and the Miller Brewing Company. Times were good in Detroit, Milwaukee and across America.

The 1951 GMC Sedan Delivery was the right vehicle to do the job of delivering kegs and cases of fresh Miller High Life beer to thirsty customers, from coast to coast.

Auto World has replicated this 1951 GMC Sedan Delivery emblazoned with the marks of the classic American beer... Miller High Life. The beer that embodies the simple, honest pleasure of enjoying a “cold one” after a hard day’s work.


  • 1:24 scale die-cast replica
  • Includes ‘Miller Girl in the Moon’ figure
  • Two-tone Gold and Tan combination
  • Rolling Wheels