AFX Ford GT40 Mk IIB #2 Sebring HO Scale Slot Car

AFX Ford GT40 Mk IIB #2 Sebring HO Scale Slot Car

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AFX’s rendition of the famous Sebring MKIIB #2 comes with a unique twist. Instead of showing the car in all its glory before the race, we opted to portray the car in its exact state the moment it crossed the finish line. If you look closely, you’ll see three anomalies, first is a paint scuff that was verified using several documented photos of the car during the race.

Second was the discolored and oddly shaped roundel. A friend to the team at the time gave us the information about the roundels. Made from a special 3M material, they were significantly more reflective allowing for higher visibility during pit stops. However, the material was so rigid that they had to attach it with pop-rivets (the silver dots around the roundels).

Lastly, the silver mark across the door handle. This story came to us straight from Carrol Shelby himself. The door handle on the left side of the car was lifting during the race at speeds well over 100mph. In an effort to keep the car door in place the team duct taped the handle. It worked!

Don’t miss out on this beauty, the only one of its kind and caliber produced in HO scale. 

CHASSIS TYPE: Mega G+ SHORT Wheelbase Chassis (1.5″)