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MPC Super Semi Zinger 1:32 Scale Model Kit
Our Price: $10.99

Here come the Zingers! Wild little vehicles with huge motors and wheels! Perfect for young modelers and irresistible to veteran collectors, the Zingers pack a huge punch in a small package. Featuring many chrome details, these easy to assemble kits look fantastic when built and, for the first time ever, will come with decals for decorating the bodies. Molded in white and black with chrome plated parts. Approximately 1/32 scale bodies with 1/20 scale motors and wheels. Suitable for ages 10 and up.
AMT GM Motor Parts Pack Chevy 283 & Pontiac 421 1:25 Scale
Our Price: $13.99

AMT reintroduces the GM Motors parts pack! Two popular motors, a 283 cu. in. Chevy V8 and a 421 cu. in. Pontiac V8 feature fully chromed components, each with multiple intake options. The additional cam and crankshaft detail included in these motors makes them a top-drawer accessory kit that's irresistible to modelers!

  • Scale: 1/25
    • 1:25 parts pack with components for two complete engines
    • Chevy 283 cu. in. V8 with front mounted blower or standard carburetion
    • Pontiac 421 cu. in V8 with three different blown intake options
    • All parts fully chromed
    • Assembly instructions included
    • Retro AMT window-box packaging
AMT Ford Racing "T" Body 1:25 Scale Parts Pack
Our Price: $13.99

This Parts Pack Fits Retro Racing Excitement To a T!
AMT's Custom and Competition Ford Model T Racing Body parts pack includes many of the body and related components necessary to build a potent vintage 1925 T-bodied dragster. Featured parts include T body shell and turtle deck, cockpit tarp, instrument panel, steering box and bucket seat. It even includes a T radiator shell, parachute pack and more! The modeler provides their own choice of frame, motor and suspension for a unique build every time!
  • Scale: 1/25
  • Skill Level: 2 (ages 10 and up)
  • Glue required
  • Molded in White
    • 1925 T Roadster racing body with Turtle Deck
    • Cockpit tarp
    • Steering box, wheel and column
    • Many additional components ? instrument panel, bucket seat
    • Roll bar with supports
    • Retro AMT window-box packaging
MPC Alien Figure 1:9 Scale Model Kit
Our Price: $15.99

• 1/9 Scale
• Model kit based on the classic movie “Aliens” creature
• Over 9” tall when built
• First released in 1979
• Amazing detail throughout
• Neck and arms pivot
• Creature designed by famous gothic artist–H.R. Giger
AMT Chance Vought F4U-1 Corsair Fighter Plane 1:48 Scale Model Kit
Our Price: $19.99

After decades of not being available, AMT's Chance Vought F4U-1 Corsair makes its return! Known as the "Bent-Wing Bird" this kit of the WWII famous fighter features positive alignment locators on the parts for easy assembly and includes a pilot figure.

•Scale: 1/48
•Skill Level: 2 (ages 10 and up)
•Glue assembly, paint required
•Molded in blue for reduced painting
•Suitable for beginners and seasoned modelers
•Includes pilot figure
•Colorful decals with optional markings
Revell 1979 Camaro Z28 1:24 Scale Model Kit
Our Price: $19.99

AMT 2009 Corvette Convertible Indy Parade Car 1:25 Scale Model Kit
Our Price: $21.99

THE Chevy Corvette® convertible as the 2009 Indianapolis 500 Parade car!
  • Scale: 1/25
  • Skill Level: 2 (ages 10 and up)
  • Glue assembly, paint required
  • injected in white and clear
  • As the latest kit in the Showroom Replicas' series, it has produced from modern tooling and features superior parts fit. Reduced parts count allows an easier, quicker build; perfect for the beginner or less experienced modeler.
  • Full color 2009 Indy® Parade Car decals
  • Vinyl tires and seats
  • Showroom Replicas "curbside style" kit with motor detail and chassis as one integrated part
  • Chrome wheels
  • Simplified assembly via reduced parts count
Paint colors listed below are suggestions from us to complete your model as shown on the box art!
AMT Grumman F9F Panther Model Kit - 1/48 Scale
Our Price: $21.99

Manufactured from AMT's vintage tooling for a series of kits depicting notable historic aircraft.

  • Futuristic but retro-looking Grumman F9F Panther Jet, the first U.S. Navy jet fighter in Korean combat
  • First reissue of this kit in over 30 years
  • Open or closed landing gear options
  • Includes pilot figure
  • Easy to assemble for beginners; detailed enough for veteran models
  • Large comprehensive decal sheet with multiple marking scheme options
  • Skill Level: 2
  • Molded in "Navy Marine Blue" and Clear
AMT 2008 Corvette Indy Pace Car - Black 1:25 Scale Model Kit
Our Price: $21.99

The powerful new kit that really sets the pace!
  • Scale: 1/25
  • Skill Level: 2 (ages 10 and up)
  • Glue assembly, paint required
  • Molded in black and clear
  • Simplified assembly "curbside" style kit
  • Modern tooling with over 40 detailed parts
  • Super detailing decal sheet with emblems, gauges, 2008 Indy Pace Car deco and more!
  • Low profile black vinyl tires
  • Black vinyl seats
  • Fast, easy & fun to build kit
  • Suitable for the beginner or experienced modeler
  • Includes 2 premium items inside!
  • Official 2008 Indy 500 sticker and 5 x 7 photo card
Paint colors listed below are suggestions from us to complete your model as shown on the box art!
AMT Elvis' Meyers Manx - Live a Little, Love a Little 1:25 Scale Model Kit
Our Price: $21.99

  • 1/25 Scale
  • Skill 2, paint and glue required
  • The Meyers Manx dune buggy driven by Elvis in the movie "Live a Little, Love a Little"
  • Many additional building options
  • Molded in yellow
  • Full color decals
  • Movie-inspired packaging
  • Bonus mini movie poster included
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